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Checkmate movement… that beats the sun!

Discover the ultimate sunscreen for everyday use, in the form of compact makeup…  that offers a matte finish!

Oh yes… the Oil Free Compact Cream SPF 50 is exactly what you need to get full coverage, sun protection and of course… the desired matte finish that will last for hours.

It provides powerful protection from UVA & UVB sunlight and its non-greasy formula adapts to the skin’s tone, minimising the appearance of skin pores, giving you a great texture and even look that stays firm and unchanged for hours.

You’ll find it in a handy package, with an application sponge and mirror for convenience and ease of use… wherever you are!

Available in 3 color tones: light, medium and dark.

It is dermatologically tested, does not clog the pores of the skin -non-phagesogenic- and paraben-free.

You will love it…