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we are rewriting

the rules of youth


With the help of recognized Greek scientists, we studied the biology of the skin in depth and discovered that the “key” to youth lies in a mechanism.


And it is none other than the metabolism of the skin, which ensures the skin’s youthfulness over time.


We just needed to find a way to activate it. And we did it!


We identified exactly these active ingredients and the appropriate way of penetrating the skin in order to wake up the skin’s metabolism!

The "awakening" of skin metabolism is the scientific answer to youth!

Wake up your skin's metabolism

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Did you know that youth comes from the “awakening” of the metabolic functions of our skin?

The scientists of YOUTH LAB., having studied the biology of the skin in depth, discovered that the “secret” for a youthful skin is hidden in the “awakening” of its metabolic functions.

Why do skin metabolic rates decrease?

Our metabolism begins to work more slowly due to the normal wear and tear of time that slows down biological functions, with the cells not being supplied with the necessary nutrients in time.

At the same time, daily exposure to UV radiation, environmental pollutants and toxins slow down even more the natural regeneration and repair of skin cells.

And just like that, spots appear, dullness and of course, wrinkles…

To preserve youth, the scientists of YOUTH LAB. they studied the ways of activating the metabolic functions and managed to find the right ingredients that can wake up the metabolism of the skin!

They used biocompatible active ingredients that act as an “alarm clock” of the skin’s metabolism and by increasing or decreasing – depending on the case – the enzyme activity of the cells, they contribute to the reactivation of cellular functions, so that youth is preserved longer.

The biotechnological, natural and herbal active ingredients we use at YOUTH LAB., are recognized by the skin as… its own.
Thus, they manage to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to take action, each targeting different metabolic functions.

Some “wake up” the production of collagen and elastin, others protect proteins from oxidation and others re-energize aging cells.
Some others remain on the surface of the skin and with the appropriate “messenger”, send a message to the repair functions of dormant cells.

All the mechanisms of action of the active ingredients that we use at YOUTH LAB., have the common goal of “building” a skin that is healthy, protected from attacks and with… enhanced -metabolic- rates.

At YOUTH LAB. we believe

in the results that

science can bring to youth!