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Did you know that our skin needs change?

During our summer holidays we enjoy the sun and the sea and sometimes… we forget! We don’t often put on sunscreen or moisturize our thirsty skin after the sun, resulting in skin that looks dehydrated, dull and aged. We can reverse this situation and restore its lost youthfulness and healthy look with a few simple steps!


The first step to bring out the skin’s radiance is exfoliation and deep cleansing. By removing dead cells, we accelerate the process of cell renewal, helping to regain soft and supple skin. Furthermore, we help it to receive moisturising care products and absorb them deeply, thus enhancing their action. By using the daily use Hydro Cleanser or Pore Refine Cleanser in combination with the Beauty Tool and in parallel, once or twice a week, with the Cleansing Radiance Mask, we achieve deep exfoliation and cleansing without irritating the skin. Attention should always be paid to the sensitive area around the eyes, which should be avoided when using the cleansing mask.


Next, we need to restore the lost moisture and elasticity of the skin. We choose rich formulations that will hydrate and nourish the skin, restoring its normal levels. In this way, we boost cell renewal, our skin becomes noticeably softer and fine lines that were created due to dehydration disappear. In addition to your daily moisturizer, add a hydrating mask, such as Thirst Relief Mask, to your facial care routine 1 or 2 times a week until your skin feels soft and hydrated again. And don’t forget to moisturize from the inside too! Drinking water and consuming foods rich in moisturizing elements such as fruits and vegetables, juices or tea will boost the natural moisture of our body and therefore our skin.


Of course, we don’t stop using a moisturizer with a sun protection factor during the autumn months, because the sun’s rays affect us even after we’ve returned to the city! The ideal solution is CC Complete Cream with SPF 30 that moisturizes, has a covering action and offers sun protection.