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Dry Oil… the must have product of summer!

In summer our skin needs extra care since both sun exposure and the sea dehydrate it, making it look dull and tired. Of course, it’s not only the skin that is affected by the sun but also the hair which needs an equally strong hydration boost.

So after searching, I discovered the perfect product that provides exactly the hydration we all need for our face, body and hair! YOUTH LAB.‘s Dry Oil will be a must-have product that should not be missing from your summer favorites since it is so easy to use and so effective at the same time.

Dry Oil is a multi-purpose product that offers intensive and long-lasting hydration – what we want during all summer months – it deeply nourishes while giving skin a glow.

“I now make sure I use it daily as I felt, from day one, my skin felt super hydrated and fresh! In fact, even though I have oily skin, this oil also applies perfectly to my face without feeling ‘oily’ during the day as it is non-greasy (suitable for acne-prone or acne-prone skin). Plus, it protects my skin from premature aging too – what more can I ask for from just one product?

Still, I don’t skip applying it to the ends of my hair after shampooing as I recently dyed my hair and want to protect both the color and texture. When I want to use my straightener again I apply a few drops to the ends of my hair to protect it from heat, as this one contains sugar cane oil which provides heat protection and increases elasticity, significantly reducing breakage at the ends.

I’m already convinced that YOUTH LAB.‘s Dry Oil will be my favorite product for this summer, since it makes my daily routine easier and faster. It will definitely be the first beauty item I will put in my vacation suitcase!

Give it a try and you’ll see your skin glow all summer long!”