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Is blue light harming your skin health?

The skin is exposed daily to different light sources such as sunlight (uv or uva rays) and artificial light, white light or led light.

Both exposure to sunlight and environmental pollution are widely known factors that are related to effects on our skin such as premature aging.

However, there are other factors that also affect the health of our skin, such as blue light or High Energy Visible Light (HEV).

Cell phone screens, computer screens, tablet screens, WIFI devices and Bluetooth are some of the devices that give off blue light. The skin is affected by electromagnetic radiation and blue light emitted by these electronic devices, affecting the maintenance and regulation of melanin.

As a result, the skin becomes more sensitive and the skin barrier can be altered, resulting in dryness, loss of firmness, dehydration and variations in skin pigmentation, among others.

Exposure to blue light causes skin damage such as:

  • Premature aging and photoaging.
  • Oxidative stress.
  • Dryness and dehydration of the skin.
  • Loss of firmness, expression lines and wrinkles.
  • Changes in skin pigmentation such as dark circles under the eyes or the appearance of spots.

Taking this into consideration.. YOUTH LAB. has developed a high efficiency innovative range, the “Brightening Vit-C Line”, based on new generation stabilized Vitamin C, that focuses on early aging, caused by exposure to environmental attacks.

An intensive treatment to repair and protect from photoaging that combines the antioxidant Brightening Vit-C Serum, the non-oily Brightening Vit-C Gel Cream and the daily protection City Guard Anti-Pollution Day Cream SPF50, that contains 100% natural sun filters.

Our New Brightening Vitamin C series, based on new generation stabilized Vitamin C, focuses on early aging, caused by exposure to environmental attacks, such as: sun radiation, air pollution and blue light of electronic devices. A series that deals with the signs of photoaging such as dark spots and discolorations, rough and uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles…

From the very first days of use, you’ll see your skin brighter, smoother, with fewer dark spots.. while, it will prevent new ones from appearing.