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Retinol Reboot… harsh on wrinkles, gentle on skin!

Let’s “Reboot” at the signs of aging for intensive skin reconstruction, wrinkle smoothing, regeneration & radiance!

It is not the 1st time you hear about Retinol (or Vitamin A)… but did you know that along with Vitamin C are the most effective anti-aging ingredients in the beauty industry?

For YOUTH LAB. team was a “Challenge Accepted” to choose the most advanced forms of Retinol, that are available worldwide, and create an innovative series with clinically proven effectiveness.. such as Retinol Reboot!

An intensive repair treatment that combines Retinol Reboot Serum, Retinol Reboot Night Cream and Retinol Reboot Eye Serum!

Myths about Retinol 🧪

“Is Retinol thinning or drying the skin?” … “Are Retinol products suitable for summer use?”… are some of the most common questions asked by consumers.

The truth is that Retinol (or Vitamin A) having 3 main disadvantages -its unstable nature, the irritation that causes on the skin and its phototoxicity- so far they have not allowed its wide application in cosmetics.

YOUTH LAB.’s scientific team though… innovates, offering an effective range that combines the most advanced forms of retinoids, such as Retinaldehyde and Retinoic Acid Ester (HPR), for fast action against the signs of aging without causing irritation and dryness whilie is suitable for all skin types.

An intensive, restoring treatment, that combines the advanced Retinol Reboot Serum for face, the Retinol Reboot Night Cream and the potent Retinol Reboot Eye Serum, with strong regenerative action.

All products of the line are: Dermatologically Tested, Non Comedogenic, Paraben, Gluten & Cruelty Free, Suitable for Vegans.

Retinol Reboot and we enjoy the whole science of anti-aging in a complete line!