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The Skin Protector: City Guard Anti-Pollution Day Cream SPF50

The skin is the first to suffer damage from exposure to the hostile factors of urban lifestyles. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the natural defences of its cells. Vitamin C, when its stable form is guaranteed, has proven to protect us from the negative effects of modern city life.
The skin is the largest organ that acts as a natural protective barrier between our body and the environment, and as a result it is subject to the wear and tear of daily attacks, as highlighted by the visible signs of ageing that are imprinted on its surface. But don’t be discouraged , there are good news. The beauty industry now has the ‘weapons’ to defend and protect the skin from exogenous factors that cause or accelerate the deterioration of its cells.

City life and what leads to premature aging:

  • UVA & UVB rays. The sun may be a source of life and good mood but it is now proven to be the main factor in premature skin deterioration. Even though UV rays make up only 5% of the solar spectrum, studies provide evidence that daily exposure of the skin unprotected is the cause of 80% of the signs of aging – dull color, rough texture, dark spots, loss of elasticity. The reason for that is because every time our skin is exposed to the sun, the process of free radical formation is activated, structural changes in the DNA of the cells occur and their immune function is weakened.
  • Infrared radiation (IR): Part of the solar spectrum – the remaining 95%, together with visible light – has a direct impact on skin health as it is responsible for the formation of free radicals that accelerate the process of premature ageing and the appearance of dark spots.
  • Urban pollution. In recent years, scientific studies have highlighted air pollutants as a very serious factor in skin ageing. The suspended particles of dust, smoke, smog and car exhaust gases that accumulate on the surface disturb the balance of the epidermal barrier and gradually disrupt the natural self-defence mechanisms, as a result the skin no longer fulfils its functional role.
  • Blue light of smart devices: The rapid increase in internet use, especially in recent years, due to the pandemic and mandatory incarceration, has led to overexposure to the blue light of electronic devices. Experts even point out that it tends to exceed the time of exposure to sunlight or urban pollution and are now talking about a new cause of premature ageing – blue light photo pollution, which is directly linked to serious changes in the structure and function of skin cells.

So what does the skin need?

Based on the above findings about the risks to which our skin is daily exposed, we can easily understand that it is enough to shield it against external attacks to prevent and / or delay the appearance of signs of aging. Sunscreen filters and antioxidant agents stand out for their very good performance and that is why they make up the ideal duo that creates an impenetrable shield of protection as has been proven. With an enhanced role of antioxidant agents, they contribute both to proper protection and to repairing any damage, thus significantly reducing the signs of ageing. Of the long list of ingredients with antioxidant activity, Vitamin C and its derivatives are at the top of the list for their multiple proven beneficial effects. The only “problem” is its instability, which drastically reduces its effectiveness. That is why cosmetic formulas with Stabilized Vitamin C always pique our interest.

Mission possible. On the occasion of the launch of the Brightening Vitamin C range by the Greek company YOUTH LAB., we know the City Guard Anti-Pollution Day Cream SPF50 , a new daily protection product, a thin moisturizing formula enriched with a different form of stabilized vitamin C and 100% sunscreen filters of organic origin, will become the guardian angel of our skin in the city. Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate , as it is called, is a fat-soluble derivative of Vitamin C in encapsulated form, an innovative delivery system that allows its gradual release over a long period of time from the time of application, thus offering maximum action on the skin.
To understand how it works, all you have to do is imagine a protective polymer shell containing microcapsules with the active ingredient encapsulated in lipophilic oils. At the time of application, due to friction, the shell dissolves, the microcapsules break down and slowly and steadily release their precious ‘cargo’, thus ensuring a longer duration of the product’s action.
In addition, a patented anti-pollution complex improves the epidermal barrier and protects against oxidative stress, moisturizing agents and Indian cardamom with a high content of valuable vitamins A, C and D, complete the cosmetic care of the skin, offering smoothing of wrinkles, a luminous appearance and even skin tone.

Apply daily to clean and dry skin on face, neck, décolleté and even the eye area.
On the PLUS side: although with natural sunscreen filters , which traditionally have a thicker texture, the formula is non-greasy, spreads very easily and leaves a matte finish, suitable for a make-up base.